Friday Night Services

Friday night prayers and Kabbalat Shabbat

Each Friday night we will welcome in the Shabbat in a short but sweet Friday night service. Come sing the Kabbalat Shabbat with us and enjoy the serenity of Shabbat! 

Summer Months we'll start at around 7:30pm

Winter Months we'll start at around 6:00pm


Shabbat Morning Services

Shabbat Prayer, Study and Kiddush 

Join our user-friendly traditional prayer services for a spiritually inspiring experience!

Soulful prayer, spirited song, Hebrew/English "user-friendly" prayer books, interactive and thought provokingTorah discussions followed by a delicious Kiddush luncheon. 

Saturday mornings Services: 10:00 am 
Torah reading and discussion: 11:15 am 
Kiddush Luncheon: 12:30 pm

Come Be a Part of and Make the Minyan!